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Himodel GX-30A ESC

    Himodel GX-30A ESC

Stand: Brugt men 100 % i orden.
Alder: Ca. 1½ år.
Passer til: 2-3 celler lipo - 30 amp.
Materiale: Elektronik.
Nypris: Ca. 130 kr i udlandet.
Producent: Himodel.
Varenummer: GX30
Beskrivelse: HiModel GX-30A til RC fly & Helikoptere

Auto detect the cells and type of batteries, and set the cutting-off voltage accordingly, 6V/9V for 2 and 3 cell lipo, and 0.8V/cell for Ni-Mh/NiCd batteries.
Safe start, it will not start up when throttle at wrong position.
Over-temperature protection: The ESC will stop working when surface temperature is over 110 celcius
Lose signal protection: The ESC will stop when lost control signal for over 1 second.

Type: GX-30A
Weight: 12g (excluding wires) / 22g (including wire)
Size: 45mm X 24mm X 8ˆmm
Constant Current:30A
Max Current: 35A (for ten seconds)
BEC: 2A at 5V
PWM: 8 Khz
Input: 4 - 12 Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd or 2 - 3 Lipo


Pris 79,00 kr

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